favourite since 1953

Very rarely do some flavourskeep tempting our taste buds throughout our lifetime. If you ask the people of Kochi to name a few such flavours, definitely Ceylon Biryani would be one of them. What makes Ceylon Biryani a favourite of Kochites is its authentic flavour that we’ve been preserving all through our culinary journey. The origin of Ceylon biryani dates back to 1953, when V Ahmed returned to Kochi after his successful business stint in Sri Lanka, the erstwhile Ceylon. His love of good food made him foray into the world of flavours and he started Ceylon Bake House, a restaurant that serves traditional Kerala delicacies, at Broadway, Kochi. Very soon, Ceylon Bake House had turned out to be a favourite destination for authentic flavours in Kochi. And the biryani he served there became popular as Ceylon Biryani.

In 1980, inspired from the success of Ceylon Bake House at Broadway, V Ahmed set up its new branch at Jose Junction, Kochi. With Ceylon already being a preferred name that time, the new restaurant was well received by the people of Kochi. As the two restaurants continued to win the hearts of Kochites with its lip-smacking tastes, the customer base of Ceylon Bake House had also begun to grow. It then led to the launch of another branch at SRV High School Cross Road, Kochi, in 1999. Later in 2005, the Queen of Arabian Sea witnessed the launch of one more Ceylon Bake House branch at MG Road, the most happening place in Kochi. And that was just a beginning. Ceylon Bake House quickly grew up to have branches at Chalikkavattom, Padivattom, Ponnurunni and Muvattupuzha.

For us, the growth of Ceylon Bake House was not only a dream coming true but also a responsibility to serve better. We took it up and lived up to the expectations of our customers successfully. Today, with the popular Ceylon Biryani and other traditional delicacies, the legacy of authentic flavours keeps on luring the people of Kochi.